There is no point in having sharp images if you've got fuzzy ideas.



Director’s Treatment

Strenght of the Sun

Youth Movement



Manifiesto Pop


Yo Quiero

La Cita

Keep moving forward

Vive Hoy

Our Song

The Journey

Joie de Vivre

The Warrior

Liquid Love

Soy Especial


Director’s Treatment


You are Here

Concrete Circus

The Mess you Left Behind

Heinz's award winning work weaves between contemporary culture and the moving, often emotional, core of everyday life. He is a young director and an eclectic hybrid in both his artistic vision and his personal life. He was born in Germany but spent most of his youth in El Salvador where he grew up influenced by punk music, classic films, travels and artistic friends. With a degree in advertising and already recognized as an outstanding creative, he moved to Spain to pursue a degree in Film Directing. In Madrid he started to explore his visual storytelling and an uncompromising approach: to create beautiful pieces combining unique characters, an appealing story and a little bit of his obsessive love for cinema.  Producing an array of memorable spots for clients such as Ogilvy, TBWA, BBDO, DDB, Mullen, Y&R, Lowe, Publicis, JWT and Acento, his work includes projects across Latin-American markets, music videos for the African region and commercial and feature film projects in the U.S.   Heinz is currently based in Los Angeles      

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